The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka together with the Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine and other Government Institutions, will hold “International Healthcare Exhibition 2019” on 26, 27 & 28 July 2019 at the BMICH, Colombo.

This is an ideal opportunity to promote Indigenous and Western Medicinal products and services to a large number of local and international visitors. Exhibitors will get maximum exposure for their products and services with an excellent opportunity to promote their brands. Visitors will have an opportunity to know from A - Z about Indigenous and Western Medicinal products, services and treatment methods practiced in Sri Lanka.

The event covers all areas of healthcare from the complete range of medical specialties through to imaging and diagnostics, rehabilitation, medical equipment and devices, disposables, pharmaceuticals, emergency, laboratory, IT and other support services in Healthcare and much more. Objectives of the “International Healthcare Exhibition 2019” are:

• One to one Business Meetings to increase the volume of Trade and Investment in Indigenous and the Western Medicine sector
• To promote wellness, lifestyles and healing through Sri Lankan Indigenous and Western Medical systems
• To promote medical tourism in Sri Lanka as an industry
• To create awareness about the products services, facilities and expertise available in Sri Lanka to treat ailments through the Sri Lankan Indigenous and Western Medical systems
• To popularize Sri Lankan Indigenous Medicine and Western Medicine practices among the local and international public
• To showcase to Sri Lankans, the technology available in other countries in the medical sector
• To educate the public on achieving wellness through nature friendly and Indigenous and Western Medical treatment systems using both medical techniques
• To create a platform for local and overseas medical organizations engaged in the healthcare system to interact for their mutual benefit

E-Brochure of the event along with the reservation form can be downloaded here.


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