On 2 May 2017, in a historic move, the cabinet of Ministers of the Government of Sri Lanka approved Sri Lanka's first National Reconciliation Policy.

The process for developing the National Reconciliation Policy was initiated in September 2015 by the Office for National Unity & Reconciliation (ONUR) chaired by Former President Her Excellency Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga.

After a one-year comprehensive consultation process with multiple stakeholders including Government officials, ministries, departments, members of provincial councils, civil society, academia, and experts and grass-roots activists, the National Reconciliation Policy was submitted by His Excellency President Maithripala Sirisena in September 2016 to Cabinet of Ministers for discussion. In his accompanying note to the Cabinet, His Excellency stated that the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) had drafted the National Policy in a "manner that reflects that reconciliation is a whole-of-government effort and a multi-stakeholder endeavour."

At this cabinet Meeting in September 2016, Hon Minister Mano Ganeshan, Minister of National Coexistence, Dialogue & Official Languages, requested a few amendments to the document. Hence, the cabinet directed the Secretary to the President to discuss these concerns with ONUR, who had prepared and drafted the National Policy on Reconciliation, and with Ministers and Secretaries of relevant Ministries and present a final version of the National Policy on Reconciliation. The Ministry of National Coexistence, Dialogue & Official Languages sent in amendments comprising paragraphs regards two matters, namely, language policy and coexistence. The rest of the original document as was prepared and drafted by ONUR was agreed to by the Ministry National Coexistence, Dialogue & Official Languages and other relevant Ministries.

Accordingly, ONUR prepared the final version of the National Policy on Reconciliation and it was this final version of the document prepared by ONUR that was adopted by the Government at the cabinet of Ministers' meeting held on 2 May 2016.

ONUR held further discussions and consultations with stakeholders and the revised final version of the National Reconciliation Policy& Coexistence was resubmitted as a joint cabinet
Memorandum by His Excellency President Maithripala Sirisena and Hon Mano Ganeshan, Minister of National Coexistence, Dialogue & Official Languages, to the cabinet of Ministers on 2 May 2017 for adoption.

The National Reconciliation Policy declares that will "serve as the State policy on reconciliation" and "provide direction to the process of national reconciliation in Sri Lanka." Further, it says that it will "provide a guiding framework to all stakeholders working on reconciliation in order to achieve coherence in reconciliation initiatives."

The National Policy on Reconciliation is set to fill a long-standing vacuum due to the absence of a consolidated National Policy on Reconciliation. The National Policy on Reconciliation will aim to satisfy the need of the country for an over-arching vision on reconciliation and a broad, coherent framework to steer and direct the process of national reconciliation. In this regard, it declares that, "Acknowledging that while several reconciliation initiatives are underway, there does not exist an expressed declared policy by the Government of Sri Lanka on the subject; hence this National Policy on Reconciliation aims to bridge this gap."

This National Reconciliation Policy has laid down a set of "Policy Principles" which it defines as "A set of actionable principles and long-term goals that will form the basis for making rules and guidelines, and to provide overall direction to planning and development for national reconciliation. These include Equality, Human Rights, Justice and the Rule of Law, Transitional Justice, Inclusivity and Diversity, Sustainable Development, Civic Consciousness and others. The National Reconciliation Policy also lays down guidelines for stakeholders and actors implementing reconciliation programs and has identified the following as critical to it, namely, Conflict Sensitivity, Cross-Cultural Awareness, Victim-Centeredness, Gender Responsiveness, Foresight and Innovation, Leadership and Sustainability, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Coordination and Complementarity and Clear and Consistent Communication.

The National Reconciliation Policy includes an Implementation Strategy which has stated as follows: "Mainstream the values defined in the National Policy on Reconciliation within government institutions and existing national initiatives through annual work plans; Develop a National Programme and Action Plan for Reconciliation; and Launch public awareness and education campaigns on the National Policy on Reconciliation and the National Programme and Action Plan on Reconciliation."

For further information and interaction regards the National Reconciliation Policy, you may contact Ms Salma Yusuf, Deputy Director, Office for National Unity & Reconciliation at dd.ppm(at) and salmayusuf(at)

The full text of the National Reconciliation Policy can be found here in EnglishSinhala and Tamil Language.

Minister of Parliamentary Reforms & Mass Media Chief Government Whip Hon. Gayantha Karunatilaka on working visit to Austria

From December 19 to December 24, 2016, a high ranking Sri Lankan delegation, led by Honorable Gayantha Karunatilaka and composed by Mr. Naufel Abdul Rahman, Secretary to the Leader of the House of Parliaments, Mr. C. Kuruppu, Secretary to the Chief Government Whip of Parliament, Mr. Anil Samarasekera, Sergeant-at-Arms of Parliament, Mr. Daya Aviruppola, Private Secretary to the Hon. Minister and Ms. Anoma Heiyantuduwa, Coordinating Secretary to the Secretary, Leader of the House visited Austria.

They had successful meetings with Mr. Dr. Wilfried Haslauer, Governor of Salzburg, Mr. Dr. Hans Rathgeb, President of the State Court of Salzburg, the Chamber of Commerce of Salzburg, the Austrian Ombudsman Board represented by Mrs. Dr. Gertrude Brinek and the International Ombudsman Institute.

For the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Austria, Ambassador and Permanent Representative Priyanee Wijesekara and Second Secretary Namal Wijayamuni Zoysa attended to the meetings.

The Embassy and the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka
Vienna, Austria


National Integration and Reconciliation Week

The Embassy and Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka in Vienna marks the National Integration and Reconciliation Week

On Wednesday 11th of January 2017, under the patronage of Her Excellency Mrs. Priyanee Wijesekara, Ambassador and the Permanent Representative, the Home Based Staff of the Mission in Vienna observed the National Integration and Reconciliation Week declared by H.E. the President Maithripala Sirisena as the Minister of National Integration and Reconciliation, from 8 to 14 January 2017.

Ambassador Wijesekera hoisted the National Flag in the presence of the staff and the National Anthem was recited by the staff in Sinhala and Tamil. Thereafter, the staff read the oath of Reconciliation in SinhalaTamil and English by pledging to act and work towards the objectives set-out in the oath.

H.E. Mrs. Priyanee Wijesekera, the Ambassador and the Permanent Representative delivered her remarks on the importance of national integration and reconciliation to unity, harmony in the country, in order to respect the country’s rich diversity of ethnicity, religion and language.

The Embassy and the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka
Vienna, Austria

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera commits to strengthening relations with the Czech Republic චෙක් ජනරජය සමග සබදතා තර කර ගැනීමට විදේශ අමාත්ය මංගල සමරවීර මහතා ඇප කැප වෙයි

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera commits to strengthening relations with the Czech Republic

Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera on a visit to the Czech Republic from 9-11 June, at the invitation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Lubomir Zaoralek, reaffirmed Sri Lanka’s commitment to strengthen relations between the two countries.

Discussions with Foreign Affairs Minister Zaoralek included reviewing ongoing bilateral cooperation and identifying new areas for partnership in sectors such as power and energy, waste management, automobile production, defence, aviation, and advanced medical treatment.

Minister Samaraweera explained the main agenda of Sri Lanka's National Unity Government, which includes strengthening democracy, fostering reconciliation, ensuring socio-economic development and sustainable peace. Minister Zaoralek welcomed the positive developments in Sri Lanka following the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2015, and reiterated the Czech Government’s fullest support for ongoing efforts to strengthen democracy, promote reconciliation and re-engaging the international community. Minister Samaraweera invited Minister Zaoralek to visit Sri Lanka in 2017 which would mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Minister Samaraweera also handed over to his counterpart, an invitation from President Maithripala Sirisena to the President of the Czech Republic, Milos Zeman to visit Sri Lanka. Recalling the invaluable support extended by the Czech Republic during the conflict years in Sri Lanka, the Minister expressed appreciation for the generous support extended during the recent floods.

Demonstrating the commitment on both sides to revitalize and advance the bilateral economic agenda, an agreement on Mutual Cooperation between the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the Ministry of Economic Development in Sri Lanka was initialed in the presence of Minister Samaraweera and Czech Republic’s Deputy Trade Minister Slukova. The Foreign Minister also attended a breakfast meeting with representatives of leading Czech companies and had meetings with the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament and senior Government officials in the Czech Senate on 9 June and the Deputy Minister of Defence on 10 June.

On 11 June, the Foreign Minister attended the christening of the Sri Lankan origin baby elephant at the Prague Zoo as Chief Guest. The baby elephant born in the Prague Zoo on 5 April 2016, was christened Maximilian (Max) to honour of a gift of a Sri Lankan elephant in the 1550s to the Habsburg Archduke Maximilian II (later King of Bohemia, King of Hungary, and the Holy Roman Emperor).
Sri Lanka’s Ambassador Designate to the Czech Republic resident in Vienna, Priyanee Wijesekera; Consul General of the Czech Republic in Sri Lanka Dr. Lohitha Samarawickrama; Acting Director General Dhammika Semasinghe; and Second Secretary Namal Wijayamuni Zoysa; were associated with the Foreign Minister during the visit.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
13 June 2016


චෙක් ජනරජය සමග සබදතා තර කර ගැනීමට විදේශ අමාත්ය මංගල සමරවීර මහතා ඇප කැප වෙයි

චෙක් රාජ්යයේ විදේශ කටයුතු අමාත්ය ලූබෝමිර් සියොරලික් මහතාගේ ආරාධනයෙන් විදේශ අමාත්ය මංගල සමරවීර මහතා ජූනි 9 - 11 දිනවලදී චෙක් ජනරජයේ නිරතවූ සංචාරයේදී දෙරට අතර සබදතා තර කර ගැනීමට ශ්රි ලංකාව ඇප කැප වන බව අවධාරණය කළේය. පවත්නා ද්විපාර්ශ්වික සහයෝගීතාව සමාලෝචනය කිරීම සහ විදුලි බල හා බලශක්ති, කසළ කළමනාකරණය, මෝටර රථ නිෂ්පාදනය, ආරක්ෂාව, ගුවන්සේවා හා දියුණු වෛද්ය ප්රතිකාර වැනි ක්ෂේත්ර ගණනාවක් ආවරණය වන පරිදි හවුල්කාරීත්ව ඇති කර ගැනීම සදහා නව අංශ හදුනාගැනීම විදේශ කටයුතු අමාත්ය සියොරලික් මැතිතුමා සමග පැවති සාකච්ඡා වලට ඇතුළත් විය.

ප්රජාතන්ත්රවාදය ශක්තිමත් කිරීම, සංහිදියාව පෝෂණය කිරීම, සමාජ/ ආර්ථික සංවර්ධනය තහවුරු කිරීම හා තිරසාර සාමය ඇතුළත් ශ්රී ලංකා ඒකාබද්ධ රජයේ ජාතික ප්රධාන න්යාය පත්රය පිළිබද අමාත්ය සමරවීර මහතා කරුණු පැහැදිලි කළේය. 2015 පැවති ජනාධිපතිවරණයෙන් හා පාර්ලිමේන්තු මහා මැතිවරණයෙන් අනතුරුව ශ්රී ලංකාවේ ඇතිවී ඇති ධනාත්මක ප්රවණතා පිළිබද සතුට පළ කළ සියොරලික් අමාත්යවරයා ප්රජාතන්ත්රවාදය ශක්තිමත් කිරීමට, සංහිදියාව ප්රවර්ධනය කිරීමට හා ජාත්යන්තර ප්රජාව සමග යළි සහයෝගීතාව ඇති කර ගැනීමට රජය දරමින් සිටින ප්රයත්න සදහා චෙක් රජයේ පූර්ණ සහාය ලබා දෙන බවට අවධාරණය කළේය. දෙරට අතර රාජ්ය තාන්ත්රික සබඳතා ස්ථාපනය කිරීමේ 60 වන සංවත්සරය යෙදී ඇති 2017 වසරේදී ශ්රී ලංකාවට පැමිණෙන ලෙස සියොරලික් අමාත්ය මහතාට මංගල සමරවීර මහතා ආරාධනය කළේය. චෙක් ජනරජයේ ජනාධිපති මිලෝස් සේමන් මැතිතුමාට ශ්රී ලංකාවේ සංචාරයක නියැලෙන ලෙස ජනාධිපති මෛත්රීපාල සිරිසේන මැතිතුමා විසින් කරන ලද ආරාධනයද සමරවීර අමාත්යතුමා එහි විදේශ කටයුතු ඇමතිතුමා වෙත දැනුම් දුන්නේය. ශ්රී ලංකාවේ ගැටුම් පැවති අවධියේදී චෙක් ජනරජය විසින් ශ්රී ලංකාව වෙත ලබා දුන් නොමද සහය පිළිබදව සිහිපත් කළ අමාත්යවරයා මෑතකදි ඇතිවූ ගං වතුර ආපදා තත්වයේදී ශ්රී ලංකාව වෙත ලබා දුන් නොමසුරු සහාය ඇගයීමට ලක් කළේය.

ද්විපාර්ශ්වික ආර්ථික න්යාය පත්රයට නැවත පණ පෙවීමටත් එය වැඩි දියුණු කිරීමටත් දෙපාර්ශවයම දක්වන කැපවීම පෙන්නුම් කරමින් සමරවීර අමාත්යවරයා හා චෙක් ජනරජයේ නියෝජ්ය වෙළද අමාත්ය ස්ලූකෝවා මැතිතුමා ඉදිරිපිටදී, චෙක් ජනරජයේ කර්මාන්ත හා වෙළද අමාත්යාංශය හා ශ්රී ලංකාවේ ආර්ථික සංවර්ධන අමාත්යාංශය අතර අන්යෝන්ය සහයෝගීතාවය පිළිබද ගිවිසුමකට අත්සන් තබන ලදී. විදේශ අමාත්යවරයා චෙක් ජනරජයේ ප්රධාන සමාගම්වල නියෝජිතයන් සමග උදෑසන භෝජන සංග්රහය අතරතුර පැවති රැුස්වීමකට සහභාගීවූ අතර ජූනි 09 වන දින එතුමා චෙක් ජනරජයේ පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේ නියෝජ්ය මණ්ඩලයේ විදේශ කටයුතු කමිටුවේ සභාපතිවරයා සමග හා චෙක් ජනරජයේ සෙනට් මණ්ඩලයේ ජ්යෙෂ්ඨ රාජ්ය නිලධාරීන් සමගත් ජූනි 10 වන දින ආරක්ෂක නියෝජ්ය අමාත්යවරයා සමගත් රැස්වීම් පැවැත්වීය. ජූනි 11 වන දින ප්රාග් සත්වෝද්යානයේ පැවති ශ්රී ලාංකික සම්භවයක් ඇති අලි පැටවකු භෞතීස්ම කිරීමේ උළෙලේ ප්රධාන ආරාධිත අමුත්තා ලෙස විදේශ කටයුතු අමාත්යවරයා සහභාගී විය.

1550 දී හබ්ස්බර්ගි හි ආදිපාදවරයා ලෙස ( පසු කලෙක බොහීමියානු රජු ලෙසත් හංගේරියානු රජු ලෙසත් අති උතුම් රෝම අධිරාජ්යවරයා ලෙසත්* කටයුතු කළ දෙවැනි මැක්ස්මිලන් රජු වෙත ශ්රී ලාංකික අලි පැටවකු ප්රදානය කිරීම ගෞරවයෙන් අනුස්මරණය කරමින් 2016 අපේ්රල් 05 වන දින ප්රාග් සත්වෝද්යානයේදී උපත ලද අලි පැටවා මැක්ස්මිලන් (මැක්ස්* ලෙස භෞතීස්ම කරන්නට යෙදුණි.

වියනාහි නේවාසික, චෙක් ජනරජය සදහා නම් කළ ශ්රී ලංකා තානාපතිනි ප්රියානි විජේසේකර, චෙක් ජනරජයේ ශ්රී ලංකා කොන්සල් ජනරාල් ලෝහිත සමරවික්රම, වැඩබලන අධ්යක්ෂ ජෙනරාල් ධම්මිකා සේමසිංහ සහ දෙවැනි ලේකම් නාමල් වියජමුණි සොයිසා යන මහත්ම මහත්මීන් ද මෙම සංචාරයේදී අමාත්යවරයා සමග එක් වූහ.

විදේශ කටයුතු අමාත්යාංශය




The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka is in the process of broadening engagement with the overseas Sri Lankan communities, including dual citizens and persons of Sri Lankan origin, in order to strengthen connections with Sri Lanka.

The Embassy and Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka in Vienna invites all Sri Lankans, dual citizens and persons of Sri Lankan origin to visit the Embassy and discuss any issues or concerns.

Ms. Dayani Mendis, Minister or another officer of the Embassy will be present on Wednesdays between 9:30 am and 12:30 p.m. to meet and discuss such matters.


Embassy and Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka
18th March 2016

Office Time

Office Days:            Monday - Friday

Consular Hours:         09:00 - 12:00
Office Hours:              09:00 - 17:00

Contact us

Embassy and Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka
Weyringergasse 33, 4th floor
Telephone: +431/5037988
Fax: +431/5037993

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