Registration of Suppliers of Restricted Items of Defence Equipment and Ammunition for the calendar year 2018 (2)

Lanka Logistics and Technologies Ltd., (LLTL) is a fully state owned company which operates under the purview of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Sri Lanka. LLTL provides Procurement Facilitation, Project Management, Research, Consultancy and ICT Services to Government entities. LLTL is in the process of registering suppliers for restricted items for the year 2018 to furnish requirement of the Armed Forces as well as its other line agencies in Sri Lanka.

Pre-requisite for registration of suppliers for restricted items is to submit the following duly filled documents to LLTL on or before 31 October 2017.

a. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) – Annex A
b. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – Annex B
c. Application for the Registration of Foreign Suppliers for Restricted Items for Year 2018 – Annex C

The following documents will be helpful for the prospective suppliers to register with LLTL.

a. Restricted Item List for year 2018 – Annex D
b. Instructions to fill NDA and MOU – Annex E
c. Instructions to fill Application of Registration of Suppliers – Annex F

Any supplier who had signed NDA & MOU with LLTL valid till 31 December 2018 does not require to re-submit same. Such suppliers could submit only the “Application for the Registration of Foreign Suppliers for Restricted Items for Year 2018”.

Prospective suppliers are kindly requested to submit the above to the Chief Executive Officer, Lanka Logistics and Technologies Ltd., 4-205, BMICH, Bauddhaloka Mawatha Colombo 07, Sri Lanka. (E-mail: info(at) SupplierReg(at)

Annex A - F can be downloaded here.



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