Citizen Services


New Passports and Passport renewal

Find information on how to obtain or renew your passport and instructions for your arrival in Sri Lanka.

Life / Residence Certificate 2023

Life / Residence Certificate

Overseas Sri Lankan pensioners should submit their Life / Residence certificates before 31 March 2023.


Registration of Marriage

Marriage while both parties reside in Austria or an accredited country can be registered at the Embassy.

Birth & Citizenship

Registration of Birth / Citizenship

Registration of birth of children born outside Sri Lanka to Sri Lankan parents can be registered at the Embassy of Sri Lanka.


Registration of Death

Death that occurred to a Sri Lankan passport holder/ dual citizenship holder in Austria or in an accredited country can be registered at this Embassy.

Driving License

Renewal of Driving License

Renew, duplicate or modify personal details of your driving license.

Police Clearance Report

Criminal Record Certificate

You can obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from the Police Head Quarters of Sri Lanka for a period or periods of residence in Sri Lanka.


Legalization of Documents

Authenticate Documents such as Birth, Marriage, Death and Certificates as well as Educational Certificates.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney / Affidavit

When a Sri Lankan national requires either an Affidavit or a Power of Attorney for the purpose of submitting to a Court of Law in Sri Lanka or any other legal institution.