Loss of passport and personal belongings

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Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

A Non Machine Readable Passport (NMRP), which is a temporary passport, will be issued by the embassy. It has limited validity of one month and is non-machine readable, it is also valid for a single one way trip to Sri Lanka only. Your Travel Ticket or booking reference must be presented when you apply for the NMRP.

Step 1: Obtain a Police Report

Report the loss of the passport and properties (in detail) to the nearest police and obtain a copy of the police report. You must present the report at the Embassy. This applies to both lost and stolen passports. Please request them to issue the Police Report in English Language. Please request Police station to inform the Embassy of Sri Lanka if they found your lost Passport or Properties.

Step 2: Present Proof of Identity and Citizenship

Applicants need to visit the Embassy (or Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in accredited territories) in person. You need to present proof of identity and proof of Sri Lanka citizenship. Proof of identity should include your Sri Lankan National Identity Card, Sri Lanka Driving license, or Sri Lanka Birth Certificate. If you cannot produce any identification document to prove your Sri Lankan Citizenship, the processing time to issue an NMRP will be longer as the Embassy needs to get verification from relevant authorities through official channels.

Step 3: Submit NMRP Application

Please follow the instructions on the Temporary Passports (NMRP) service page.