Sri Lankan culture and cuisine at the forefront of the UNWG International Festival Charity Bazaar 2023 in Vienna, Austria

Dec 11, 2023 | Embassy Media Release, Embassy News, Events, News

The Embassy and Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka in Austria participated in the 54th International Festival Charity Bazaar 2023, organized by the United Nations Women’s Guild in Vienna on 9 December 2023.

UNWG Bazaar is one of the biggest fundraisers in Vienna where the international community comes together to showcase goods, culture and national foods of each nation. The charity bazaar featured more than 90 stalls, representing 47 Diplomatic Missions and other organizations based in Vienna.

The goods stall of Sri Lanka organized by the Embassy in coordination with Basilur Tea in Austria was one of the most popular and colourful stalls at the Bazaar. Sri Lanka food stall had a number of Sri Lankan food types with a free cup of Ceylon Tea also on offer for all customers. Both stalls attracted Austrian and
international visitors.

Traditional Sri Lankan dances were performed by members of Nartakah Dancing Academy in Vienna.

The organizer United Nations Women’s Guild in Vienna donates the proceeds of this event to charities for children in need worldwide.
Embassy and Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka
Vienna, Austria
11 December 2023