Annual Katina Ceremony at Embassy of Sri Lanka in Vienna, Austria

Nov 10, 2021 | Embassy News, Events

The Embassy and the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka in Vienna, Austria offered Heel Danaya (morning almsgiving) to Maha Sangha in parallel to the annual Katina ceremony on 26 October 2021. The almsgiving was followed by a Pirith chanting ceremony. Since its inception in 1995 in Vienna, the Mission has been conducting the ceremony every year.

The religious observances were performed by Ven. Dr. Wijayarajapura Seelawansa Thero, the founder and the Chief Incumbent of the Dhamma-Zentrum Nyanaponika in Austria. Venerable Maha Sangha from Germany, Italy, Sweden and Sri Lanka also participated in the event.

Venerable Maha Sangha invoked special blessings on Sri Lanka, its people and the staff of the Embassy.


Embassy and Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka



8 November 2021