Thanksgiving Holy Mass for Rev. Fr. A. Anthony Surendrakumar, CMF

Mar 23, 2022 | Embassy News

Thanksgiving Holy Mass for Rev. Fr. A. Antony Surendrakumar CMF was officiated by His Lordship Franz Scharl, the Auxiliary Bishop at Our Lady of Assumption Roman Catholic Church in Hirschstetten, Vienna on 12 March 2022. Rev. Fr. Antony Surendrakumar together with other brother priests concelebrated the Holy Mass. Ambassador, the staff of the Embassy, Sri Lankan community and the Austrian parishioners attended the Thanksgiving Holy Mass.

Rev. Fr. Antony, the in-charge Priest of the Sri Lankan Catholic community and the Assistant Parish Priest in Vienna, concluded his services to the Church in Hirschstetten, Austria and will take up his new appointment in Germany.

Ambassador Majintha Jayesinghe recalled Rev. Fr. Antony Kumar’s valued contribution to the Catholic Church, Catholic faith and the congregation especially to the Sri Lankan community. The Sri Lankan Ambassador also expressed appreciation for Rev. Fr. Antony’s pivotal role in promoting and advancing Sri Lanka – Austria Relations.

Following the Thanksgiving Holy Mass, customary shorteats were served to the gathering creating a truly Sri Lankan ambience.

Embassy and Permanent Mission in Vienna

23 March 2022